At Angstrom Testing Services, we specialize in evaluating hygienic conditions inside HVAC Systems.  We also specialize in performing full hygienic refurbishments of fan-coil-type forced air heating and cooling units, air handler units, and supply and return trunks/ducts that have become heavily impacted with dust/dirt and mold growth.   

Mold in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems can cause significant mold odors and breathing problems throughout a home. 

Over time, elevated levels of dust and dirt impact onto the fiberglass insulation lining the interior walls of the blower wheel and cooling coil compartments and on the upstream and downstream sides of the cooling inside of an air handler unit. The fiberglass duct liner inside of the initial downstream runs of supply trunks are also highly susceptible to mold growth conditions. The impacted dust and dirt serve as ideal nutrients to support black and other mold in the presence of recurrent moisture, which typically exists inside the air handler unit and supply ducts. Mold spores and mold related odors are pushed through the supply ducts by the blowers when the air handler is on and the spores and odors spread throughout the rooms of the house. The mold spores may cause allergic type symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, wheezing, tightness in the chest, and sinusitus in sensitized individuals.

In older units, the fiberglass insulation may deteriorate. Under these conditions, there is the potential for glass fibers to become entrained into the the airflow and be distributed into the room of the house.  

Under the moldy and/or deteriorated conditions described above, a full hygienic refurbishment of an air handler unit is necessary, which includes removing, cleaning, disinfecting, and re-installing the blower wheel assembly, HEPA vacuuming and disinfecting both the upstream and downstream sides of the cooling/heating coil, removing and replacing moldy and/or deteriorated fiberglass insulation inside the blower wheel, cooling coil and air return and supply compartments, and cleaning/disinfecting the condensate and overflow pans. Very few HVAC and mold remediation companies have the necessary skill set to perform this work, and they are mainly concerned with the functionality of the unit and not its hygienic condition. 

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Mold in Air Conditioner
Mold in Air Conditioner

Mold Inspection of HVAC Systems

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