Owners of rental apartments be aware that under the Federal law, not only lead paint and lead dust violations, but also any repairs or renovations that are performed in dwelling units with children under age six must be undertaken by trained workers and followed by lead dust clearance tests upon completion. Please call Angstrom Testing Services if you would like us to perform Lead Dust Clearance Testing in your apartment 

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Lead-Based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule. The EPA has issued rules to protect against lead-based paint hazards that can occur during renovations, repair and painting activities. These rules apply apply throughout NY state. The effective date of the rules is April 22, 2010. For more information on the EPA renovation rules, and for a list of training providers, go to the EPA website. Lead-Safe Work Methods

Building owners must use safe work practices and trained workers to fix lead paint hazards and when doing general repair work that disturbs lead paint. 

Safe work practices include:

1.    Never dry scrape or dry sand lead paint
2.    Post warning signs around the work area
3.    Tell tenants to stay out of the work area
4.    Clean the work area with wet mops and HEPA vacuums every day and after the work is done
5.    Remove all items that can be moved from the work area
6.    Cover furniture that cannot be moved
7.    Seal floors, doors, and other openings with plastic and waterproof tape
8     Hire a professional to check lead dust levels after the clean-up is completed

Lead inspections are performed using a handheld X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometers to identify building components that are painted with lead based paint. We also  evaluate the condition of painted surfaces to ensure the safety of children at home and at school.

Lead Risk Assessments are performed to identify Lead Based Paint Hazards. Assessments include taking lead dust samples from the floors, windowsills, and window wells, and evaluating levels in lead in damaged paint and in paint on friction and impact surfaces, such as door stops and window jambs. In addition to lead paint, our assessments include evaluating levels of lead in water and soil. We provide solutions to landlords, property managers, and unit owners to manage or correct lead based paint hazards, and our reports include a detailed scope of work for any necessary cleaning work.

We perform lead dust wipe sampling of floor, windowsill, and window well surfaces for laboratory analysis of lead to evaluate levels of lead in settled dust. Our inspection reports include photographs of surfaces that are contaminated with visible dust and a comprehensive summary of our observations, test results, and recommendations. We also provide expert witness/courtroom testimony when necessary.  

Lead Inspections & Lead Risk Assessments

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Lead dust clearance testing is performed to declare a work area free of lead dust hazards after lead abatement work and/or renovation and repair work are performed. The sampling is performed to determine whether work areas and adjacent spaces have been properly cleaned and are safe for occupancy. We also help landlords clear HUD violations. 

Our investigators are EPA certified lead based paint inspectors and lead risk assessors. They are also certified by the New York State Department of Labor as Asbestos Inspectors and the American Council for Accreditation Certification (ACAC) as Certified Indoor Environmental Consultants and Certified Microbial Investigators. Each Inspector holds advanced degrees in science, and any samples collected during our investigations are analyzed by laboratories that are fully accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association.Repairs and Renovations
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